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Creating a new Magical item can be confusing, expensive and frustrating. Whether you are trying to design the first prototype or a finalized piece ready for retail, we can help. We have experienced 3D Printing and Design professionals here to assist you through the process. 

We offer 3D Printing in multiple materials including Plastic, Wood and more. Available in literally THOUSANDS of colors including: Color Changing, Glow In The Dark, Marble and even Carbon Fiber. There are literally too many to list here...

We can 3D Print just about any product you can think of but even 3D Printing has its limitations. Which we can help guide you through to prevent wasted time and money. Below are some pictures of our Squared Away Card Case Design with our prints compared to other services we tested around the internet. We won't mention who the competitor is but they were TOP rated. As you can see attention to design, limitation, small details and actually caring about the project are critical to a successful outcome.


Theirs (Beige) vs. Ours (Silver)  

Card Case Compare
Front View

Card Case Compare
Side View

Card Case Compare
Top View


Each project is unique so offering a flat price for our services is not possible. As you can imagine projects range in size, difficulty, quantity and materials. If you are interested in our services please email: or use the button below. We would love to learn more about your project and how we can assist you. The details of the project will be worked out from there. 

Finally, every project's first step is that we offer a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) to calm any worries that an idea may be stolen or copied. Our goal at is to see your idea become a reality, not to harvest ideas for our own. We believe that in your success, we will be successful together. 


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